South West Way 1
North Cornwall Coast Path

  • Route:
    Bud to St. Ives
  • Grade:
    Moderate, Strenuous in Places
  • Distance:
    111 Miles (179 CMS)

  • Walking Days:
    9-10 Days, Walking 12-13 Miles A Day

Each section is planned to enable a car to be left at a central point and by using public transport you can return to it at the end of your holiday. For this reason the sections do not end exactly at county boundaries. Our route follows the traditional paths coastguards walked while patrolling the cliffs on the lookout for smugglers. On some sections the route diverts inland due to cliff erosion. Some parts are very rugged, with footpaths descending into a valley only to climb to the Clifton again. There are a number of river crossings, with lengthy detours if the ferries are not operational (they have a very short summer season). The ever-changing landscape with secluded coves of golden sands which only the walker can reach make these walks a memory to treasure.

Bud is an interesting place to linger as there is a canal which was used for sea going vessels. There are also public transport connections from Exeter. A good place to start, finish or just have a day's rest. Most of the coastline is owned by the National Trust. The path contours the coves and hills past Crackington Haven, Tingle, Port Isaac, Padstow, then back onto the cliff and the approaches to St Ives. At each step of the way the turbulent blue waters of the Atlantic pound the cliffs below.

Boarding the Ferry at Padstow, Cornwall

Boarding the Ferry at Padstow, Cornwall

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