Pricing 2

As Instep provide "tailor made" holidays, prices vary depending on many factors, e.g. the number of walkers in the party, the number of walking days, and any other special arrangements we make for you.

The prices shown are per person in Sterling and apply to all walks.
Payments can be made by a sterling cheque or draft drawn on a London English Bank, obtainable from any bank throughout the world. Or by Credit/Debit Card, Visa and MasterCard. What you get for your money

No Of Nights No Of Walking Days

No of Walkers

( Sterling)
7 6 5 or More 464
14 13 5 or more 736
The above prices include luggage transport, one per group, per day were costed for 2005. In the event of changes in respect of local or national taxes we reserve the right to alter the price.

Please contact the office for detailed pricing

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