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    Dear Walkers
    Instep Walking Holidays (white Knight Services) has now been operating successfully for over 19 years. Our plans for retirement are now complete and we are no longer accepting any bookings for walks
    Therefore to all our individual loyal walkers, a Thank You for supporting Instep Walking Holidays over the years. We are disappointed that we cannot carry on any longer providing our exceptional services to you.
  • We will keep the web site operating for orders.Also we are going to include extra photographs of the many walks we  have walked over the years.For further information other than booking.
  • Your can reach us on (

    However, we can still provide our Coast to Coast Merchandise. Quality Sweat and Tee Shirts, Certificates, Cloth Badges and Enamel Lapel Badges. For the full range, look at our Shopping Page on this Web Site or ask for an order form.
  • Merchandise

    If you have walked the Coast to Coast in the past, we have the following available:
  • Sweatshirts, Tee-shirts, Badges, Certificates, Guide Books and Videos.

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