About Instep For Groups

INSTEP is a family operated business with the aim of providing you with a unique walking experience. Our careful planning and selection of accommodation, ensure that; "You do the walk, we do the work".

Our expertise has accumulated over a considerable number of years whilst exploring many of the Britain’s long distance footpaths and canals. Firstly Backpacking and Youth Hostelling, but in recent years we have favoured more comfortable accommodation, with the emphasis on small country hotels and luxury bed and breakfast establishments.

To date INSTEP has planned, organised, and led many groups of enthusiastic walkers over these routes, some we still walk today. Catering for all requirements, from the short three day walk, enabling walkers to return home each night, to a challenge trek over several weeks.

Following on from our led walks and extremely successful Do-It-Yourself packs, INSTEP brings a new dimension to holiday walking with the aim of providing customers with a wider choice. Our self guided holidays provide you with the best of both worlds; you can relax and let INSTEP take care of all those tiresome details, and take your holiday on dates that are convenient to you.

You can walk at your own pace without having to wait for the rest of the group, or be constantly trying to keep up with them! If you are interested in Industrial archaeology, Photography, Botany or Ornithology, as we are, then you will certainly wish to walk at your own pace. We have personally experienced all the walks in our brochure, some many times, and it is our intention to continue planning and walking long distance routes, thus enabling us to keep in touch with all those people who provide our services.

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